Saturday, July 2, 2011

Warning: Nothing Profound Here

Yeah, it's my blog. There was something the other day I needed an URL for so I did this. Balloonman Whistles is from an e e cummings poem, and I like the image of flying around the room backwards. There will be nothing profound here, and probably very little at all. Then again, things change, so who knows. But right now I tweet profusely, just started a tumblr (addictive!), write African American history posts for another site and occasionally drop by Facebook to see  how Clayton and Cynthia's cat's butt is doing. Enough.

Having said that, why am I saying this?

Because I'm about to start writing about Thurgood Marshall (it's his birthday), and wanted to share what I liked to do when postage went from 37 to 39 cents.

Cute, but disrespectful. (The mailman used to really like it.) But postage has gone up 2.5 squash blossoms since then, and disrespect ain't what it used to be either. *Pondering whether to call Clarence Thomas a dick, and deciding it would be tacky and gratuitous.*

I wanted to share, but I didn't want anybody to see it. So here it is.

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  1. lmao!! Wow, that is awesome, and now I'm mad that I never thought of it. ^_^