Thursday, July 7, 2011

In the Good Company of Divas

In a discussion the other day about birthdays ending in that big zero I said that, for a year and a half before I turned 50, I practiced *saying* I was 50 so it wouldn't be such a shock when the big day came. It worked. Unfortunately, I mentioned that I was this was about ten years ago. Fifty, plus 10? No. I cannot do this. This is not happening. I'm still saying I'm 50- *lowers voice* -something. Dammit, I still listen to loud music and drink Boone's Farm and stay up all night and wear leopard print underwear. *opens another bottle of Strawberry Hill*

Tomorrow's the official half-year day, so there's less than 24 hours to relax before starting to try to say it. Wonder if it's coming as big of a surprise to these ladies as it is to me...

CCH Pounder
born 12/25/1952
in 2010

Pat Benatar
born 1/10/1953

in 2010

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  1. LOVE this!! Very inspiring. I know it sounds cliche, but the older I get and still feel the same, the more I truly believe that age is nothing but a number! <3<3