Saturday, January 28, 2012

Three Wishes

Earlier today on Twitter @invisiblepeople asked "If you could have three wishes what would they be?"

That's hard to answer in 140 characters so here's my answer as brief as I could make it.

  • I'd wish for economic security. Nothing lavish, just knowing I won't be evicted next month if money stops coming in. Having a full pantry and fridge. Paying utility bills on time and not thinking twice about turning up the heat. Being able to put a dollar or two in the collection plate without it meaning the peanut butter sandwiches are gonna be skimpy this week. Buying something just for fun. (And, yes, I'd wish this for everyone else too.)
  • Good health. I thought about putting this in the first wish but money and good insurance don't always guarantee decent health care. Fix the medical system, and while we're at it, fix schools, politics, legal system, and physical infrastructure. Fix all the things!
  • I have many good friends in real life and on the internet and usually think I enjoy being single, but there are times I wish there was a special person in my life. Not necessarily marriage, or even a serious committment,  just a little romance and fun and all that mushy stuff I pretend to hate, especially around Valentine's Day. (Again, hope everybody finds a little love if that's what you want.)

That's it. Thanks for asking. I'll DM you my address so you'll know where to send the genie with the magic lamp.

Rexi (aka @rexi44)

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